Please note our menus are subject to change.

Starts and Salads

Beets & Beans Salad – Roasted beet, green beans and crumbled feta cheese salad, drizzled with honey mustard vinaigrette. 10.50 CHF

Ahi Tuna Tartare – The freshest Ahi Tuna, tossed with pine nuts, asian pears, mint, and infused with sesame oil. 12.50 CHF

Farmer’s Salad – Fresh spinach and arugula served with assorted seasonal vegetables and garlic croutons, dressed in a french vinaigrette. 10.50 CHF

Minestrone – Ministrone suppe, ist eine schone und warmes teller mit alle verschidenen gemüse. 9.50 CHF

Grünesuppe – Ist eine suppe mit zuccheti, petersilien, gurken, champiñonen, salz und pfeffer. 8.50 CHF

Tomaten suppe – Ist eine schone und fresch sisilianer tomaten suppe. 10.20 CHF

Caprese Salad – Italian buffalo mozzarella, fresh red field tomatoes and basil, lightly dressed with an olive oil and herb dressing. 10.00 CHF

Main Courses

Our not-so-traditional take on international favorites.

Lemon Garlic Shrimp – Served with a sauce of carrots, onion and parsley. 14.00 CHF

Chicken Breast Tico Art – Chicken breast with wine and sauces, yuca and rice. 15.50 CHF

Garlic Butter Prawns – Hand picked daily at Fisherman’s Grove, braised in Dutch butter, tossed in garlic and a touch of chili. 15.00 CHF

Cheesburger – House burger with chips and some salat. 10.50 CHF

Chicken Curry – Chicken curry with reis. 19.50 chf


Roasted Brussels Sprouts 5.50 CHF

Steamed Asparagus 7.00 CHF

Sweet Potato Puree 6.25 CHF

Sea Salt Baked Potato 6.25 CHF

Sautéed California Spinach 4.25 CHF

Hand-Cut French Fries 5.00 CHF



Sauvignon Blanc 7.00 CHF

Riesling 5.00 CHF

Semillon 6.50 CHF

Pinot Gris 7.50 CHF

Moselle 7.00 CHF


Merlot 6.00 CHF

Cabernet Sauvignon 7.00 CHF

Petite Sirah 7.00 CHF

Shiraz 6.50 CHF

Pinot Noir 7.50 CHF